KWe Consulting GmbH

Revolutionize your industry with Big Data

Who we are

KWe Consulting GmbH is a consultancy and ad-interim management boutique which assists companies in bringing digital solutions, connected devices (IOT) and data-based services to market.

Thanks to Big Data, you have a unique opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your brand recognition
  • Build long-term partnerships with your customers
  • Create new revenue sources
  • Secure cross-selling opportunities

… in one word, increase your company’s value.

Our «go-to-market» experts are passionate about digital innovation and change management. Driven by their leadership experience in multi-cultural environment and their entrepreneurial mindset, they have extensive knowledge and experience in generating and growing digital revenues.

What we do

Start-Up Phase

  • Identify innovative data-based service models: pay per use, predictive maintenance, asset optimization etc.
  • Identify the Product-Market fit
  • Develop use cases jointly with reference customers
  • Implement data analytics and data visualization tools (dashboards)
  • Test the proof of concept iteratively with internal & external stakeholders
  • Build a minimum viable product, incl. product specs, in compliance with GDPR regulations
  • Develop the business plan to build management buy-in and secure funding

Go-To-Market and Roll-Out Phase

  • Develop a marketing and sales playbook to scale the business
  • Build up and train a team of in-house digital affine «champions»
  • Support the customer onboarding, support and consulting process
  • Enhance the digital experience along the customer journey
  • Build an ecosystem of technology start-ups and distribution partners
  • Build a «lean and agile» organization with a «digital and entrepreneurial» culture
  • Coordinate an internal task force, incl. legal & regulatory, supply chain, finance
  • Develop best practices


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